Saturday, March 15, 2008

Potential New House

We are pretty sure we've found a place we'd like to buy in Shanghai - the process is long and arduous but we are prepared! You'll see from the pictures that it's a second hand home, meaning it's not brand new and it's already been lived in. It's small, 2 bedroom/2 bathroom but it's big enough for us now and will be something we can rent out when we move out in a few years.

The location is fantastic, (Huaihai Road Area near XangYang Park) within 1-2 blocks of 2 subway lines (1&7), a high end western grocery store, tons of shopping, my favorite restaurant is 2 blocks away and there are many other restaurants and cafes in the area. It's very centrally located in downtown Shanghai so we are pretty happy with our decision!

Below are some pictures we took of it in it's current state - we will essentially have to re-do the entire apartment, put new flooring in, change the kitchen, update the bathrooms, paint and molding but it's going to look fabulous when we're done!

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PS- where's my room again?

The Masked Millionaire said...

All I have to say is keep your eye on the cat.

The Masked Millionaire