Saturday, March 28, 2009

Emily's Cupcakes at Kid Expo this weeekend

Come visit us at the "Enjoy" booth this weekend! Cupcakes are free to those who sign up for an Enjoy card at the Expo.

Hope to see you there!!

The Details:

What: Kid Expo
Where: Shanghai Exhibition Center
When: March 28-29
Why: Have fun, get your kids out of the rain, and see what Shanghai has to offer expat families!!!

Chinese 'find' radioactive ball

Check this one out...just when I thought the most dangerous things about living in China are the air pollution and tainted food.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Indoor Air Quality or Lack of...

My husband and I invested in an IQ Air Filter when we moved into our apartment in Shanghai. Based on the terrible outdoor air quality one can infer that the indoor air can't be much better for you and so many people use some sort of air filter at home.

The IQ Air is supposedly one of the best, and comes in many different versions to best suit your needs. The other day we noticed that one of our filters needed to be changed, this is the first time we've had to change so we had no idea what to expect.

Here are the photos of our filter - it's truly disgusting. I'm glad none of this stuff made it's way into my lungs but who knows what else I've ingested that didn't make it into the air filter.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The truth about moving back home....

I like many other expats am not moving home immediately but eventually down the line my family knows we will move back to our home country. Something I never considered is how hard it could be. Due to the recent economic downtown, as we all know, many of our expat friends are being sent back to their home countries to repatriate.

Here's an article I just read in the NYtime about the problems that come with "going home".

Thursday, March 5, 2009

China clampdown on Tibet

Front page article of the New York Times, you can come to your own conclusions.