Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Ring in the new year with homemade yogurt!

I love yogurt, and I'm on a constant search for truly good think tart yogurt that isn't sweetened with sugar here in Shanghai. There is a lovely homemade yogurt called Bebamine, made by another expat that you can have delivered to your home, but you must commit to something like 10 - 120g jars per week. That's something a family could consume, but little old me can't eat that much no matter how much I love the stuff.

So, I was really excited when I ran across an article in City Weekend magazine written by food writer Crystal Mo who tells of how she bought her own yogurt making machine from for only 28RMB. That's only US$4! Woo hoo! She also explains exactly how she makes it from fresh milk, I'm pretty pumped to try this homemade yogurt making experiment out myself!