Monday, March 10, 2008

Harry Connick Jr. Concert in Shanghai

Last night I went to a concert - this marks my second cultural (well music related) outing in Shanghai. We were lucky to get to free tickets to the Harry Connick Jr. concert!

He's always been a favorite of mine, I think he has a fantastic voice, and he's an amazing jazz/blues pianist. If you like jazz mixed in with a little pop, Harry Connick is your guy (not to mention he's not bad to look at either) ;-).

The concert was held at a pretty large venue, the Shanghai Gymnastics Center. When we arrived I wondered if Harry could bring in a full house. Well he didn't, the venue was probably about 1/2 filled and mainly with expats, although there were a good number of Chinese in the audience as well. Harry opened with an instrumental piece and moved on to do some more memorable numbers like, Only you and Here come the big parade. He's very charismatic and even pulled a Chinese man up on stage for a quick Q&A about Chinese food. It was very entertaining!

I had a great time! It's great to see Shanghai pulling in musicians other than just popular pop groups like Maroon 5 or Celine Dion. :-)

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