Sunday, August 17, 2008

Olympic Food - What the *#$^!?

I am having a great time at the Olympics so far - I have two more events to see and then I'll be heading back to Shanghai.

I have only a few "suggestions" to make concerning this year's Olympics in Beijing. The biggest issue I and my guests ran into was the lack of food! At all venues there is of course strict security and no food or liquids is allowed into any venue. I can understand this - and I don't mind it but if inside the venue the food offerings are bad then it becomes an issue.

All all of the venues the same food is offered at food stands, it includes some of the following; soda, water, beer, chips, cookies, popcorn, sausage & a boxed meal that heats on it's own (rice and meat). At the Olympic Green exactly the same food is offered and the ONLY other option is 2 McDonalds restaurants. That's it!!!

It's really pretty terrible - if you have two events in the same day in the Olympic Green area (we had Tennis & Swimming yesterday) there isn't really any other place you can go - the area is too large to walk out of and back into. I was very very disappointed to basically be forced to eat crap for two days straight. I was hoping for more of a sampling of Chinese food from the different regions, or at least more food stands and different choices beyond just McDonalds.

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