Friday, August 22, 2008

Back in Shanghai

I arrived back in Shanghai 2 days ago. My sister was visiting from the USA (see her guest posts below), we spent most of our time in Xi'an and Beijing. Xi'an is a fascinating place - the history is amazing and we enjoyed a fabulous dumpling banquet (see photo below). But Beijing was certainly more memorable (sorry Xi'an the Olympics trump Chinese history any day).

Unfortunately while we were in Xi'an I received some bad news - my cat passed away. She has been with me since college and has traveled all over the world. From the USA to China. I'll miss her terribly.

With the emotional bad news of a beloved pet passing away, the experience of the Olympics helped to keep my mind off of the sadness and enjoy the excitement and joy of everyone in Beijing. I was really very impressed with how clean and green everything was. The city really did a great job, I hope they continue to keep things at the same level even after the Olympics is over. Shanghai certainly has some catching up to do before the 2010 Expo!

Now that I'm back - I have to get into the swing of things again. Our apartment is ALMOST done being renovated!! We are scheduled to move on Sept. 1st. Let's hope that date sticks. I'm so excited about how things are turning out and can't wait to post the final photos in a few days!

I've got to get back to watching the Men's Beach Volleyball finals on TV - USA vs. Brazil!

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