Wednesday, December 26, 2007


My first fast food experience in China!

Andy and I were rushing to meet a real estate agent last weekend and ran out of time for a long lunch so we decided what the heck, let's try the local KFC - it's always packed! Menu options are the same except there are a lot more sandwiches than just plain chicken. People aren't as used to the idea of eating a lot of meat at meals. I'm no KFC connoisseur but it was good - I love fried chicken so it was a nice change from noodles, etc. :-)

*Interesting side note: People in groups of 3-4 tend to buy the bucket 'o chicken and share it at the table. It doesn't seem that take out is as popular, although delivery is another story - I'll get into that more later. :-)

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Mr.Tang said...

We also had KFC for dinmner last night! except our meal didn't come with yam :(