Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas in China

Christmas was a little different than usual this year but we certainly did our best to bring some Christmas spirit to Shanghai! Turns out that many Expat friendly restaurants do special dinners for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, we decided to go to dinner on the 24th.

We choose a place called Frankie's - which apparently also has a restaurant in London (who knows?). Either way it was really nice and the food was excellent. Many other Expats and their families were there as well. I posted some pics below of our menu and the food. It was a 5 course set menu, delicious!

Christmas day was very low key - we opened some presents, went for a walk, watched a move (Polar Express - one of my favorites!) and then made dinner. Different from the normal craziness of Turkey, gifts, and family but it was very nice. :-)

I hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday too!!

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