Friday, July 4, 2008

French President Not Welcome in China

Looks like French President Sarkozy isn't welcome in China anytime soon. According to this article on today, Chinese are saying "不是“爱来不来”,而是根本“不欢迎你来”!
~ It's not 'Come if you want,' it's basically 'You're not welcome."

The article goes on to say:

"That's the response of Chinese netizens to French President Sarkozy who said he will decide next week whether to attend the opening of the Beijing Olympics, with his choice depending on how talks go between Beijing and the Dalai Lama's envoys this week.

Sarkozy reiterated Monday that the events in Tibet were "not acceptable," but he also warned against angering a power of China's size.

"We absolutely must not push a population of 1.3 billion people into wounded nationalism," he said.

If Sarkozy does come, he may face a hostile crowd who'll be yelling "Va foutre le camp!" (Get outta here!!) According to an online survey by Chinese website Sina, more than 89 percent of the 173,527 respondents do not want Sarkozy to attend the Olympic opening ceremony. Over 88 percent of the surveyed said they found Sarkozy's remarks about China "extremely unfriendly" and "not fit for a leader of a major developed country", while about 10 percent consider his remarks only political rhetoric.

Either way, his presence or absence will be duly noted domestically and internationally with significant consequences. Whether they will be positive or negative, well, that will be very much up to le Président."


carryanne said...

I have come across an article that can help people see China more accurately. I think everyone should read it because it exposes certain facets of the communist party’s ways of censoring reality and justice. If we do not hear about this from dissidents willing to risk everything, then the CCP would effectively have repressed all knowledge of it’s crimes and would get away with it’s absolute abuse of power over China and people of the world.

The article is titled: The Last Hero of Tiananmen
by Philip P. Pan
How an aging doctor became the conscience of China.

As linked to on my blog,

Actually this story if from Philip Pans new book: OUT OF MAO’S SHADOW, The Struggle for the Soul of a New China

一楠亚夏 said...

he was not welcome!but we must known a trueth definit!French was one of the most great countries in our world,it's a pity that a wrong president be chosen!only my opinion!nice to meet you !

Vagrant said...

As a chinese,i would say:
Welcome to china:)