Monday, June 9, 2008

Raining babies in Shanghai...

It is about to rain babies here in Shanghai!

I personally know at least 4 woman who are very pregnant and due to deliver in the next 1-2 months, in fact I helped to host a baby shower a few weekends ago for two of them. It was fantastic fun for all of us - especially for the non-Americans who don't usually have Baby Showers.

I think it's so impressive first of all to make the decision to have your baby in a foreign country, especially when that foreign country is China! (I'm learning that Shanghai especially has a couple of great hospital systems and a few specific doctors that many of the expat women use).

Back to the topic - I and two other women (1 American, 1 Norwegian) hosted this baby shower for our two friends. I love situations like this one, us crazy Americans are the only ones who do Baby Showers with games, etc and we had to "educate" our bewildered friend from Norway with what we were planning. It was hilarious.

We played typical American Baby Shower games like; Guess the baby food, Guess the size of the pregnant stomach, and the ever popular What's in the diaper? game. They all had everyone busting up laughing, especially to our non-American mom's to be.

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