Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Back to Reality

It's taken me almost a month to admit that I'm back in Shanghai and that the wedding and honeymoon bliss are over! Not that being back in Shanghai is horrible, but we had such an amazing time in CA for the wedding and then in Bali for the honeymoon that it's been hard to re-adjust to "normal" life.

Our amazing photographer, Erin Beach has posted a fabulous slide show of our wedding on her website which anyone can view.

Bali was amazing and as everyone told me, the local Balinese people are just so hospitable and friendly - it was a welcome change from what I'm used to in China. I've posted a few pictures of our trip, it was impossible not to take a bad photo as the scenery is just breathtaking wherever you go. We spent half of our trip in Ubud (an artsy town inland) and half in Sanur (beach town). Both were interesting and I'm so glad we split it up. We were able to do many short day trips from Ubud to the mountains, temples and other scenic spots.

The trip from Shanghai isn't short - with a transfer in Singapore it took about 10 hours total to fly from Shanghai to Despensar, Bali. If you're looking for a beach vacation, think seriously about Bali. The flights aren't cheap, but it is still possible to have a very inexpensive vacation once you're there.

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