Tuesday, November 27, 2007

It's almost time to say good bye to Cali

Well, we're almost on our way out of the US and into China - it's going to be a new experience to spend the holidays (my favorite time of year) in Shanghai. I'm wondering how easy it'll be to get a christmas tree and all of the necessary decorations, because every christmas lover knows the are necessary!!

I hope to post many pictures of the corporate apartment all gussied up for the Holidays. I'm sure the cat will enjoy knocking down the ornaments just like she always does at christmas. Assuming she gets out of quarantine without any issues (my biggest fear of moving to China is putting the cat into quarantine! - call me a crazy cat owner).

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Jennifer said...

Our dog had to go into quarantine in Hawaii and she was fine!! :) I understand your nervousness about it though!