Wednesday, January 13, 2010

VPN is revolutionary! Why did I wait so long to get it?

Wow, after not having access to and therefore my own personal blog for almost a year, I'm finally back on! Why? I just signed up for a VPN account which will allow me to access any site the Chinese government has put their great " Fire Wall" around.

It's been an eventful year, even though I haven't been blogging I've been busy with a multitude of other things. I started my cupcake business ( which has been so much fun and kept me quite busy when I'm in Shanghai.

Cupcakes aside it's been an eventful year to be living in Shanghai, the city which is literally changing before my eyes, is preparing it's self to host the 2010 World Expo. Winter isn't the most beautiful time to be in China - it's cold, dark and polluted - but Shanghai keep truckin' on pushing up more and more buildings, supposedly "beautifying" the city and inserting the Expo mascot Haibo onto every street corner and street sign.

The expo begins in May and lasts 6 months, it'll be interesting to see how many visitors actually come to Shanghai for the Expo. My guess is that there will be many domestic visitors and people from other neighboring asian countries but I'll be surprised if we receive a lot of visitors from further away. I was living in Nagoya, Japan when they also held the World Expo back in 2004 and while it was an interesting "event" to go and see, it wasn't something I'd travel great lengths to go and see.

We'll have to wait and see....and in the meantime it's very much winter in Shanghai, so I'm off to fill up on more hot green tea, snuggle into my fabric market cashmere blanket and watch a bit of my pirated satellite BBC TV.


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Tammy and Joe said...

Emily, you are great! I am moving to Shanghai in August 2010 with my husband to work at an international school and I have been blogging about our experiences so far, but I was afraid I would have to change my blog site. Thanks for figuring out how to stay on and please post the particular VPN you are using if you are able without compromising it. Thanks, Tammy