Saturday, November 1, 2008

It's official. There is nothing we can eat.

What a pain in the ass.

My current strategy to keep my husband and I as healthy as possible:

1. Order all organic vegetables, fruits and dairy products from, a pretty reputable online organic grocery.

2. Buy only imported canned and boxes goods from City Shop Shanghai, or bring these items back from the US.

3. Buy only organic meat from Shanghai Better Meat Supply company, which offers organic pork and imported beef from the United States.

4. Never wash my vegetables off with regular tab water-only use filtered water.

5. We (like most people) have water delivery service which brings big water "filtered" water jugs to our home but because I don't think I can trust that the water is really filtered well I still run it through a brita water pitcher before drinking it.

6. Use two high end, imported air filters in our home to help eliminate any pollutants and toxins in the air (from outside, inside paint fumes, fabric fumes, cabinetry fumes, etc.).

Do I think I'm going overboard? No.

Here's what I've learned in the past 10 months of living in China. You have to assume everyone is lying to you, or trying to take advantage of you. I hate that I have to think this way about everyone. Obviously not everyone is trying to take advantage of you. There are great people here, honest and caring people. But the kicker is that there are also so many corrupt people that in order to really watch your own back you have to be very very careful about everything.

Welcome to China.


Ride China said...

Hi Emily. Eating organic is very good, but I found an interesting artical that says we shouldn't be so clean. Please read and see what you think.

Ride China said...

Hi Emily. Alot of those are really good things to do, but we do need a few germs in our life to help become more resistant. The joke my buddies and I always make her is our time here will make our bodies more resistant to more things. Please read:

Vishnu said...

my god.. Is that tough living there in shanghai?

Ya emails are circulating on news about the degraded quality of things and the pollution but when you blog this out of your experience, feel like real tough job to stay healthy!