Thursday, September 18, 2008

Skin care in Shanghai?

Ever since I moved here I've been wondering, is it possible to have nice skin and live in Shanghai? As a woman about to enter to 30's I'm really conscious of my skin and taking good care of it from the outside to the inside. Living in California, this is easy - I have a great skin care specialist I go to for facials, etc. But since we moved to Shanghai I've been really wary of going to anyplace for a facial. I mean, if they can put crap in baby food who knows what kind of stuff they're putting in face creams, right?

But I've been having so many issues with my skin that I finally caved and followed a friends suggestion to check out her favorite place. It's called Beauty Arsenal and it's Singapore based. They've been open in Shanghai for about 1 year now and just moved into a beautiful space in the Kohler Building on Nanjing Lu. It's not cheap, but they do a great job, are well trained and are very clean. I believe all the products are imported from US and Europe.

If you're looking for a good facial, go check them out.