Monday, February 4, 2008

Censorship in China

Censorship in China has has been pumped up due to the Olympics next August in Beijing. Of course none of this is ever discussed on any of the news channels here in China, but it seems that weekly there are more and more articles about it on The New York Times website and the BBC website.

Here's one that was posted today, titles "Great Firewall of China"

I only really notice the censorship when I'm trying to access sites like, Wikipedia, Blogs, etc. What I notice more is the lack of "real" news on the television stations. With the recent terrible weather and the horrible conditions people have been facing the self-censorship of the news is more obvious than ever. The only way to really learn about what is happening is to check non-chinese news resources. The only news one will hear about in China is that "the weather has been bad, but all the stranded people in the train stations are patient and understanding of the situation." Which is a load of crap. People have been stranded in train stations for days now without hot water, electricity, etc. The government has been totally unprepared for the weather, it's really quite awful.

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