Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Beijing Reminds me of Texas

Beijing! The capitol city of China, full of history and change. Home to the Forbidden City, Tienanmen Square, and one of the most fully restored sections of the Great Wall, and it still reminds me of Dallas, TX.


It's HUGE! The city is full of huge wide streets, massive buildings, large freeways and everything is spread out. This is not a walking city like Shanghai, it's a massive place where a car or taxi is much mandatory since the subway system isn't great.

But this trip was short and I saw the main sights above last year when I was in China so this trip was focused on other things. I saw a few museums and went to the silk & pearl street for the first time. What an experience - if you're looking for ANY "name brand" items, purses, wallets, clothes, literally anything you can find it here including all kinds of kitschy Chinese items. But be prepared to be harassed by all of the stall girls who work there, they love to call out to the foreigners "hey, pretty lady! You want new sweater, you like nike?! Come here!" It's an experience that's for sure!!

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